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What Rest Solution Offers

REST Solution offers a full range of outsourced IT support and cybersecurity services at a fair price.

We are committed to help companies scale and grow by streamlining IT operations, minimizing downtime and improving productivity.

In the process, we also help companies save cost and plan for their IT expenses.

We proudly offer an exceptional customer service that goes beyond mere delivery of IT support. 

Our engineers go the extra mile to enable you to reach your business goals with ease.

REST Solution

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We recognize that every organization has distinct requirements. Hence, we offer flexible options that allow you to choose the level of assistance you need. We cater to customers at various stages in their technology adoption. You have the freedom to choose from any or all of our end-to-end outsourced managed IT services that cover infrastructure and cloud services, network operations centerIT service deskcybersecurity services, and virtual CIO consultingWe also resell various hardware and software licenses.


In addition, you can choose your support type:

  • Co-managed IT support services: well-suited for businesses with established IT teams. Seamlessly collaborate with our experts to enhance your internal capabilities  
  • All-inclusive managed IT services: Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive IT support solution. We take care of all aspects of IT support, from infrastructure to cybersecurity, offering a single point of contact for streamlined operations 
Furthermore, we can match our service hours to your needs:
  • 24×7 IT support: uninterrupted support around the clock 
  • Business Hours Only support: support during standard business hours
  • Weekend/After Hours support: support beyond regular business hours 

Our IT Services

Cloud & Managed IT Services

We ensure that your on-premise and cloud infrastructure work smoothly and efficiently

24x7 Monitoring

Our NOC detects IT failures early on and we resolve issues quickly to minimize downtime

24x7 Service Desk

End-users can reach us round-the-clock for quick and efficient resolution of their IT issues


We protect your IT and data against costly cyber threats and fend off cyber attacks

IT Consulting & Strategy

Our experts provide technical advise on audit, architecture, network, cybersecurity and IT

Client Testimonial

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say.

Multinational Accountancy Firm

"Amidst an ongoing transformation in our Asian operations, it was imperative for us to have accurate information that will allow us to make informed decisions. It was also important that we effectively manage our IT across countries. REST Solution has successfully addressed both these essential factors through a transparent process and consistent communication."

Hong Kong-based Fintech Company

"REST Solution's NOC-as-a-Service has enabled our IT department to improve and re-calibrate a significant portion of our support duties. As a result, our IT department has gained back time and efficiency, allowing us to fully focus on critical IT needs of the business."

Thailand-based Firm

"We have been working with REST Solution for a while now, and we are very happy with the level of service they provide. One of the things that really stands out to me is how much they listen to the end-users and plan accordingly to improve our experience. For example, a number of us were experiencing issues with our wifi network. They not only helped us troubleshoot it quickly, but they also took the initiative to raise the problem with management to make sure it wouldn't happen again. That kind of proactive approach is an example of how they go above and beyond to support us. They also always take the time to explain things in plain language. I would recommend them to any company looking for top-notch outsourced IT support. "

French Logistics Company

"REST Solution's engineers are very reactive to our needs. Whenever we have an issue, they're on it right away, working to get it resolved as quickly as possible. But it's not just their responsiveness that impresses me. They also follow processes properly, which gives me great confidence in their ability to handle any IT challenge that comes our way. They take the time to understand our business needs and then create customized processes and procedures to ensure everything runs smoothly. Thanks to their attention to detail and commitment to quality, we've been able to avoid a lot of the IT headaches that used to plague us."

Hong Kong-based International School

"We used to have some big IT issues that caused major disruptions to our operations, but those have become less frequent since REST Solution took over the support of our IT. They are really responsive and are proactive when it comes to identifying and addressing issues. We know that we are in good hands."