Get continuous protection against cyber threats. Reduce the impact of a breach

The Challenge

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated. These bring about major disruptions by causing downtime and data loss. Unsurprisingly, compliance to cybersecurity and data protection protocols is increasingly becoming a business requirement. Your customers are now looking to work with businesses that are deemed “secure”. Thus, it is vital that every piece of information your business generates are kept safe from intrusion. However, cybercriminals attack when your systems are most vulnerable. If your IT team does not work round-the-clock, then your business is more exposed to cyber attacks when your IT team is away. Staying one step ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber threats is complex and expensive as it is a 24×7 job involving a full security team. Given this predicament, have you thought of outsourcing cybersecurity to a reliable IT partner?

Our Solution


Our SOC continuously monitors and analyzes our customers’ IT infrastructure for threats and vulnerabilities, mitigates risks, and improves resilience. We investigate suspicious activities to determine their nature and gravity, using global data of the latest security threats. Moreover, our team of experts swiftly responds to cyber threats while cushioning the impact to the day-to-day business operations of our customers.

Additionally, we focus on employee engagement as it is equally important in fending off cyberattacks. Since hackers often target employees, we have designed our cybersecurity service to also cover the “human factor” through awareness trainings, multi-factor authentication (MFA), email phishing simulations, etc.

What To Expect

Peace of mind comes with knowing that your business is safe. 
Our team of experts works tirelessly to protect your data and prevent costly cyber attacks, so that you no longer have to worry about being at the mercy of hackers.
In the event that an attack does occur, our cybersecurity solutions ensure that your business can continue to function with minimal disruption.

24x7 monitoring

Immediate alerting

Patching management

Firewall & threat management

Penetration testing

Disaster recovery implementation

Managed Detection & Response

Employee training, phishing simulations, MFA

Use case of cybersecurity services



  • The headquarters of a multi-national firm in the financial sector did not have proper control and visibility over the IT security of its affiliate offices. Given their size and the industry they operate in, it was vital that they have a dedicated and trusted IT partner


  • Audit of each firewall configuration and hardening of each firewall
  • Reconfiguration/standardization and management of their antivirus solution
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery plan for all offices
  • Implementation and management of security tools such as:
    • Security mail gateway
    • Cybersecurity ratings platform
    • Vulnerability management
    • Security awareness platform
  • Creation of a customized standard operating procedure around IT security


  • 24×7 security monitoring, support and incident management
  • Management of 17 firewalls and IDS
  • Enhanced management of the security level of 10 affiliate offices

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